My Goals and Rewards


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Rosie is right: We Can Do It!

I know that I’ve really been only posting information about this blog, but I feel it is important to establish some things before I dig right into the actual blog posts.


Since I’m embarking on this journey, I want to set some goals before I start to really get things going.

Setting goals is extremely important in the weight-loss process: this helps clarify things and can often be a really nice way to work through the whole thing. But be careful when you set your goals; you don’t want to make it too difficult and out of reach, and you don’t want to obsess over too much because that can be unhealthy.

So my advice to all of those of you out there who are beginning fresh like me: pick a few, smaller goals and be sure to reward yourself for good work!

Here are my goals:

1. My all-time goal weight is 161 pounds. Which is well over 100 pounds.
Considering this, I know it’s impossible to immediately lose this amount of weight. So…

2. I want to lose 30 pounds every 4 months. That’s about 8 or so pounds per month. This is a reasonable goal. A healthy diet usually means that you want to lose between 1-2 pounds every week, according to studies. And, if you think about it, 2 pounds a week sounds SO much more reasonable than the broader picture!

3. I want to eat 3 meals a day consistently.
One of the main problems that I face is eating on a schedule. When you skip a meal here or there, you end your day with hunger. Skipping breakfast makes you more hungry at lunch and so on and so forth… you want to eat more during these times, which is impractical. I’m going to start eating a small meal every morning, a small meal for lunch every day, and a meal for dinner that is reasonable. Snacking is fine in moderation, and it may help if you’re not quite hungry enough to eat a full meal!

I mean, look how cute this is! From

4. I want to be able to buy a dress from

This is a strangely specific goal for myself, but it’s important nonetheless. I am a huge fan of the store, and because of my weight I’ve never been able to buy or even try on their clothes. So I want to be a comfortable size and able to buy a cute dress from! A two-syllable “damn” would be so nice to hear when I put on a dress that fits me well!


Losing weight can often be discouraging, especially when things don’t go exactly as planned. But one way to keep yourself motivated is to set rewards for yourself to help remind you what you’re “fighting for”! Make sure to set reasonable rewards, and also make sure to set rewards that aren’t food-related!

Here are my rewards:

– Every 10 pounds, I’m going to make one of these bracelets for myself. Ideally, I want to be able to stack them each time as a gauge for how my weight-loss is going. It’s a very simple bracelet, and it’s also a really cute accessory!

– Every 20 pounds, I’m going to get 4 vinyls. Music and movies are my way to de-stress and I want to reward myself for a job well done with a little inspiration!

– Every 30 pounds, I’m going to get a new piece of clothing. This will not only be a way for me to gauge how well I’m doing, but it’ll be nice to retire something old in my wardrobe for something new!

– Every 40 pounds, I’m going to invest in getting a small tattoo. This is obviously kind of a stretch for most people, but I want to be able to remember my progress and have a little more body art!

These will continue until my goal weight, hopefully!!

If you are trying to come up with goals for yourself and you need a little help, please let me know! I can help you out for sure!

If you want to share your goals with others, please email me at! I’d love to feature others and their goals in the process!!